American Cinematheque Award For Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson, whose films have grossed the most money in box office sales than any other actor in the history of film-making, was honored with American Cin math que Award. 59 years, has now joined recipientsJulia Robert past George Clooney, Al Pacino Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman..

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High School Musical Dvd Game Href Http Www Bloggernews Net 118861 Dvd Review High School Musical Dvd

However, this series has become a virtual Juggernaut and is all over the place. Who doesn t love High School Musical? I love Ashley Tisdale, so that for some is. I dont like real high school musical, but I dont really like musicals that for a start. People know the songs, they take care of a new generation of Disney stars, and now actually think high school is still fresh! So now own all these movies and have just finished watching them for the umpteenth time and what you can do with all Wildcat knowledge locked in your mind? Luckily there is a new game for you to spill into wisdom!.

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Brittany Flickinger Is Paris Hilton Quot New Bff

Hey, who worked for Nicole Richie, right?. Britain is the winner of the MTV reality show Paris Hilton My New BFF and she now has a new friend. Flickinger Britain has a new job and this is reality TV princess and dog toting socialite Paris Hilton.

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Will The Quot Twilight Quot Series Ever Hit Comic Books

After all, a marriage of Stephenie Meyer wildly popular series of comic books and without doubt one of the hottest media narrative that today seems a lot in the sky vampire, right? (Read some of our ideas for a Twilight comic series Splash Page blog.).. Carroll was asked by a fan if there would be graphic novel based on the vampire love story anytime soon.

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Another Election Quiz This Time Adding Mccain Voters

Two weeks ago I wrote about a poll Barack Obama voters who, according to the survey sponsors, has shown that the media was biased in favor of Democratic presidential candidate during the campaign, and that this injury played a significant role in Obamas election. Now the sponsor surveys commissioned a poll that significantly improves on the original. I noticed some flaws in the survey, including its failure to John McCain voters and the wording of some questions that I found misleading.

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